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A wiki listing displaying all shops, items, and prices of major shopping hubs in Civcraft; inspired off of the original CivList site that's since fallen inactive and is outdated.

Basic Editing GuidelinesEdit

When making a page for a market, be sure to post important information like where it's located and coordinates, accessibility/permissions required to access, and connection to rail lines. If there is a central ore exchange, treat it like its own store (preferably list it first); if there are multiple diamond-iron exchanges, list them in the stores they're located in.

All item listings follow the format of: "[Item being sold/output] - [Item you need to pay]"

When updating a store or page, be sure to post date last updated at top of page or next to store. (Ex: 5 Feb. 2015)

When an item in a store is out of stock, put two double dashes before and after the item and price (Ex: --64 Wool - 3i--)

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